Update on Fromms Home Bible Study Case Sacketts Property Rights Case

I have an update on two cases about which I posted on September 27.

I was interviewed on the nationally syndicated “What’s Up” radio program by host Terry Lowry about the action brought by the City of San Juan Capistrano, California, against Chuck and Stephanie Fromm for hosting a small home Bible study group in their home. During the interview, Terry and I discussed the centuries-old right, recognized now in the 7th Amendment to the Constitution, to sue the sovereign or Executive Branch to protect all of the God-given rights now protected in the Bill of Rights. “Tort reform” proponents who think that it’s worth abridging our 7th Amendment right to benefit the business community ignore the fact that the Founding Fathers honored that right for cases involving religious liberty, property rights, and free speech, as well as for medical malpractice and products liability cases. You can download and listen to my interview.

Sen. Rand Paul announced that he’ll hold a roundtable on Wednesday, Oct. 12, with “victims of the U.S. government’s multi-pronged assault on private property rights.” The list of victims includes Mike and Chantell Sackett of Idaho, who bought a plot of residential land to build a new home, only to be told by the EPA that their land was federal “wetlands.” EPA refused to hear the Sacketts’ appeals on the order, then challenged their constitutional right to file a lawsuit against EPA for injunctive relief. The Sacketts and their attorneys, the Pacific Legal Foundation, are taking their case to the Supreme Court this winter. I look forward to the roundtable and hope to see Sen. Paul start some legislative action to rein in EPA from squashing Americans’ property rights. Here is the PLF’s page on their website about the case.