Trial Lawyer For Religious Freedom Speaks At Rally

Robert Muise, Esq., is the co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center, a nonprofit litigation firm fighting for religious freedom in courtrooms nationwide. AFLC is one of the conservative religious liberty litigation firms that I refer to as the “Trial Lawyers For Religious Freedom,” a group that includes the Alliance Defense Fund, the Becket Fund, and and the Thomas More Law Center, which Muise also founded.

Earlier this year, AFLC filed a lawsuit against the Obamacare contraception mandates on behalf on the Catholic group “Priests For Life.” On Friday, Mr. Muise spoke at one of the scores of “Stand Up For Religious Freedom” rallies held nationwide, to discuss the lawsuits.

Mr. Muise, a Catholic, co-founded AFLC with David Yerushami, an Orthodox Jew, and highlighted the nonsectarian nature of religious freedom in his remarks. “This is not just a Catholic issue, it’s an American issue.” You can watch Muise’s remarks here:

Republicans who condemn trial lawyers should remember that champions of religious freedom such as Muise are filing their suits under the same Constitution and Bill of Rights as trial lawyers filing medical malpractice and product liability claims.

Do anti-trial lawyer Republicans want to “tort reform” the religious freedom lawsuits filed by AFLC, ADF, and the Catholic groups and limit their rights in court?

Do anti-trial lawyer Republicans want to give orders to state courts on the procedures for hearing such suits, just as they do in H.R. 5, the bill to federally limit medmal awards?

Do anti-trial lawyer Republicans want to impose federal wage controls on trial lawyers for religious freedom, like they propose in H.R. 5 for attorneys filing medmal lawsuits?

When will the Republicans who slam trial lawyers realize that the Founding Fathers created ONE process for the disposition of civil suits for ALL claims – religious freedom, gun rights, property rights, AND medmal AND product liability claims? And protected the right to a jury trial for ALL civil suits in the 7th Amendment – a right now demanded by Catholic Bishops and charities around the country?

Because sooner or later, if the “tort reform” movement gets its way in Congress to protect health care professionals from negligence, some group might try to “tort reform” away our religious freedom.