Saving parking spots on the street

It just snowed here in Boston for the first time, and that means a couple things: I’m not leaving the house for three months, and people are going to start putting furniture along the side of the road to call “dibs” on “their” parking space.  Our man Spoth56 wrote this rant a while back on the List, but same rules still apply this year fuckos. See you guys in April.  — Luke

Let’s just be clear here: I am not a lawyer, but I am fairly sure that you do not, and indeed cannot, own the street, in front of your house, or anywhere. If you put a chair or a cone in the street in front of your house, it is garbage and I should have no qualms about picking it up and smashing it into little pieces, then freely parking my car in the space thereby vacated.

Of course I will not do this, because there is a good chance you are psychotic and/or an off-duty or retired police officer and will key my car, cut my brakes, or smash my window as retaliation. But under the law, I am in the right. YOU ARE IN THE WRONG. YOU DO NOT OWN THE STREET.

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