How to chose main Weight Loss diet

Do YOU look for an efficient Weight Loss Product ?

If you just type Weight Loss on Google, you will find a lot of things. Few good, a lot of scam.

So how can YOU find a good option ?

We could give you HUNDREDS of small worthy pieces of advice, write a complete methodology integrating the most effective insights we could get during those years in the diet and weight loss coaching. Yet that would take literally months, and become a really complex method.


I have a secret to confess that I AM ASHAMED OF : despite all the high price we put on our coaching services, every one can reach results without, because following the Golden Keys to Weight Loss with a good diet will bring effective weight loss with Phen24.

“Slim ! Help me find the right diet !” I shouted.

He smiled, raised his eyebrow. “For ?” he asked.

“For people reading Enjoy Weight Loss Secrets who just want some easy to get and to use, enjoyable, safe and efficient diet basis”.

“Are you crazy ?”

I am. Slim is crazy too, turned out.

So we did IT.


We ordered 2 dozens of products. How did we chose ? The best way we could :

We chose those that were getting real efficiency feedback (not only on their sales page), that past clients used to order and found working or that got some positive medical, and only if they were matching our ethical and technical key points. We also asked our beloved boss to use his contacts in the affiliate world to confirm which products were giving few refunding requests from clients.


And it went worse as we read those books, listened to those CDs…

Some were just.. let’s be the kind and positive guys… not fit.

We Gave Those Producs to have them real-world tested

Others were really good, and some were outstanding. From those, we gave those products each to five volunteer patients during the past year and a half that we were not coaching for weight loss, but were given access to the advice of this site.

Then we took feedback, and saw results.

Strange indeed, the best products were not the ones we thought. Some have strange sales pages, or use a basis that in itself might not be sufficient (yet in fact other insights in the producs compensate for these shortcuts).

Yet all were compliant to our 7 Golden Keys, and turned out to be sufficient to make our patients successfully lose weight 5 times out of 5 (from 10 pounds to an unexpected 85 pounds, most within the 20-40 pounds range).

Well, ok I guess you just want to get the product will work best for you now ?

Just wait for a few more seconds before rushing to the order page please,  I’m going to detail each of those 3 that proved the most efficient, and that we feel like recommending to YOU.

(Note that 5 other products gave good results but seem less 7 Golden Keys compliant or more random by themselves in the long run and should need a few more indications to ensure they will bring you results ; we disqualified one product for having not responded to a refund request from one of our past clients).