National Call In Single Day (Calling in Love-sick Doesn’t Count!)

Valentine’s Day is a great time to express yourself and show the one you love most just how much you care. For all you singles out there, this can be a pretty lonely day.

But don’t worry because you’re in luck! Today no longer has to be Valentine’s Day! From here on out, it’s National Call In Single Day. Singles all across the country are encouraged to pick up the phone, take a day off from work, and set aside some time for themselves. Nobody can love you like you, so make sure you love yourself a lot today.

So go on out and do things for YOU. Take a walk, spit at passing couples walking hand-in-hand, eat copious amounts of chocolates, chase your shadow, and do whatever else you single people do, just make sure you enjoy yourself. If all that alone time eventually gets to you, you could always pickup some games and gadgets to pass the time.

***Attention, for all those who seek to avoid this holiday next year***

Instead of using today to enjoy and appreciate yourself, go out and find some other lonely singles to celebrate with. Who knows, you two could hit it off and next year you’ll be the one needing to pickup some Valentine’s Day gifts!

Hey, it could happen.